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George Walter Munson 1873-1953

The details below are from Patsy Jackson.

George Walter Munson was born in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey on 19 feb 1873 and was the son of William Berry Munson. He died in Jasper County, Texas on 25 Aug 1953 and his body was laid to rest in the Evergreen Cemetery.

George was a Constable for pct.#3 from 1941 to 1942.

George's relationship to W.B. and Julia has been questioned for years but might be best explained by a story told by Edna Munson Shotwell, his neice. Edna often told the story, that when she was a little girl each Sunday afternoon her Grandmother's (Julia Anne) friends would come to visit. Edna liked to spend these afternoons with them because she always had special treats for the company.
On one of these visits Edna was sent outside while the Ladies talked. From her vantage point, under an open window and behind a bush, she heard Julia Anne tell her friends why they came to Texas. William Berry had a child by his first wife and after her death, his son George went to live with her family.
Once Julia Anne and W.B. were married, he wanted his son to live with them. Since his grandparents were unwilling to allow this. William Berry loaded up the family, went by and "stole" George and headed for Texas. The first few years they worried that George's grandparents might find them and retrieve George, so they moved around frequently.
In personal notes related to property and oil rights Oscar Lee refers to George as " George was Papa's boy, not my mothers. But her wish for George to be recognized as rest of children..................George Munson, Father's son."

George was a carpenter and he lived in Jasper. The first Munson Reunions were held at his house. He is remembered as being a tall man with a big build.

Fact 1: Birth - Bible Records of Oscar & Pearl Sutton Munson
Fact 2: Marriage: Bible Records (No Date)
Fact 3: Death: Copy of Obituary
Note: may have also have sat on the city councel in Jasper,Jasper Texas

Spouse: Letha Virella GAY
Birth: 8 Apr 1878, Jasper,Jasper Co Texas
Death: 13 Jun 1966, Jasper,Jasper Co Texas
Father: Oliver Harrison GAY (1858-1937)
Mother: Mary Isabella "Bell" MYERS (1861-)

Residence: 77042 Houston, Harris, TX
SSN: 455-76-7436

Birth: 8 Apr 1877 Issued: TX (1962)
Death: 15 Jun 1966
note D.O.B is one year different

Her name may also be Moletha Gay
Marr: 5 Dec 1894, probable Jasper Texas

Bertie Ivy (1897-1980)
Callen Lemuel (1908-1979)
Ruby (1905-1985)

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