Saturday, October 24, 2009

Texas Oil

Does anyone know about the Munson oil leases?


  1. If you are talking about the oil leases in Polk County, out by Ace, my children are among 27 people that are supposed to be getting miniscule royalties lol, but none so far. These are from the line of Otis Munson, W. Lee Munson, Edward Munson and Royce Munson. My ex sister in law Joyce Munson, deceased wife of Danny Munson, has a website with Munson genealogy...I have a family tree that is a work in progress on

  2. You asked for a list of Munsons buried at Blue is what I have gotten from Joyce and group.

    Munsons buried in Blue Water Cemetary

    Munson, Ira Berry b-1900 d-1965 DS w/ Ira Berry “Together Forever”
    Munson, Arthur L. Jr. b-Oct.13,1929 d-Dec.22,1929 F.S.-“ A.L.M.”
    Munson, Bonita{Bass} b-May 10,1896 d-Dec.20,1983 “She made us laugh”
    Munson, Darryl G. b-Apr.6,1956 d-Feb.1,1957 {Son of Otis O.& Lois}
    “Now I lay me down to sleep” “Budded on Earth, bloomed in Heaven”
    Munson, Doris Sowell b-Mar.24,1928 d-_____ DS w/ Rex B.
    Munson, Edward Lee b-Mar.17,1918 d-Mar.5,1980 {s/o Oscar & Pearl}
    F.S.- Bronz. Military Marker: Pvt. US Army World War II
    Munson, Hazel. E. b-Sept.17,1910 d-Aug.4,1981 DS w/ A. E. “Together Forever”
    Munson, Henry Owen b-Jan.23,1883 d-April 8,1934
    “Father, let thy grace be given that we may meet in Heaven” F.S.-“H.O.M.”
    Munson, Jessie Lee b-July 27, 1896 d-July 29, 1959 “At Rest”
    Munson, John Herman b-Mar. 5, 1912 d-Jan. 24, 1976 “At Rest”
    Munson, Joyce McNiel b-Jan. 3, 1945 d-Feb. 13, 2002 m-July 5, 1963
    (Wife of Lloyd D. "Danny" Munson)
    Munson, Julia A. {Predmore} b-Dec. 14, 1862 d-Aug. 24, 1925 F.S.-“ J.A.M.”
    “Her toils are past, her work is done, she fought the fight, the victory won.”
    Munson, Kenneth Gene b-Jul. 15, 1942 d-Aug. 24, 1996
    Munson, Larry Edwin b-Sept. 28, 1940 d-July 17, 1972 “The Lord is my Shepherd”
    Munson, Louis A b-July 27, 1917 d-Dec. 19, 1996DS w/ Abby L.
    Bronze Military Marker-Pvt. US Army, World War II
    Munson, Oscar Lee b-May 16, 1889 d-Oct. 29, 1970 DS w/ Pearl
    “The Lord is my Shepherd”
    Munson, Otis O. b-Jan. 20, 1929 d-Nov.21, 1971 {s/o Oscar & Pearl Munson}“From Trailriders”
    F.S.-Military Marker: “California PVT US Army Jan 30, 1929-Nov. 21, 1971”
    Munson, Pearl Clistia {Sutton} b-Feb. 20, 1890 d-Feb. 8, 1963 DS w/ Oscar
    F.S.-“P.C.M.” “The Lord is my Shepherd”
    Munson, Rex B. b-Mar.24,1921 d-_____ DS w/ Doris Sowell
    Munson, Roscoe Dewey b-Sept.1,1922 d-Mar.22,1968 DS w/ Syble Odell{s/o Oscar & Pearl}
    Munson, Syble Odell {Bullock} {b-Jun 12 1914} {d-Feb. 1983} DS w/ Roscoe Dewey
    Munson, Twin Girls of Bill & Abbye (Buried next to their parents)
    Munson, W. B.{William Berry) b-Mar.17,1855 d-July 31,1916 “Asleep in Jesus” FS-“W.B.M.”
    Munson, W. C. b-Oct. 15, 1914 d-Feb. 15, 1989 {s/o Oscar & Pearl}
    Headstone is Bronze Military Marker: “GM2 US Navy World War II”
    Munson, William b-Apr.12,1880 d-Mar. 24, 1916 “Son of W. B.& J.A. Munson”
    “At Rest” F.S.-“W.M.”

  3. hello there, my name is Julie Perry. I am the daughter to Marvin Russell Munson Jr. granddaughter of Marvin Russell Munson Sr and Norma Faye Gobert. Here is a few important things you should know. Marvin Russell Munson Sr. died in prison after being convicted for the murder of his wife at the time here are the details of the conviction and burial

    My Dad Marvin Russell Munson jr was one of the three children he and Norma (Fay) had together the other two were Phil and James. I believe He may have had children with Pam( the one he killed) as well? My Dad was killed in a work incedent in July of 1998

    My dad was married to Loretta Theriot. He had two children with her my brother Willard Wayne Munson, and me Julie Elizabeth. Between my brother and I they had split and he married a woman named Carol Merwin and had a daughter named Lacey Nicole. He served in the Navy for many years as well.

    Marvin Russell Jr
    Willard Munson married Alison Larimore and had two children Gabrielle and Eythan.

    Lacey Munson has never been married however she has 5 children. Brandon, mallorie,hunter,Andrew Jr, and Ariana

    I married Jacob Perry and had three children Gavyn, Nolan and Aiden

    James married a woman named Theresa and they had two children Angela and James Jr. They are now divorced. He remarried to a woman named Norma.

    Phil married a woman named Gina and had Savannah and Phillip Jr.

    Norma Faye remarried to a man named willard harmon. They didnt have any children together. Norma Faye died around a month ago.

    1. Julie, Please see below. I apologize if I offend you in any way, but there are a lot of things you do not know about the family. My mother was a good person; she was an abused wife of almost 30 years. I lived with MRM Sr for 18 years, much longer than your father... Your father and his brothers were fortunate that they left our home and went to live with their mother. Unfortunately, I had nowhere to go because I was a kid and my mother did not have the self esteem to leave him until it was too late.

  4. Hello, my name is Jenny, daughter of Glenn Baker, only surviving son of Fannie Othel Munson Baker and spouse Alvin Baker. Glenn is currently living in Trinity, texas. If you would live an examination of these O&G leases, please forward them to me along with the chain of title to and I will forward them on to an attorney for review. I have been in that business for approx. 3 yrs and am a law school student and have over 12+ yrs legal experience. Also, any munson family members wishing to get into contact with my father may do so by contacting me via email.

  5. I meant "Fay Othel Munson"'- spell correct

  6. I am also supposed to have mineral rights, along with my twin brother. Marvin Russell Munson Sr. was a malevolent psychopath who only cared about himself. He killed his wife execution style on July 6, 1995, in my home while I was on my way home from the hospital with a one-day old baby! My mother, Linda, was scared of guns and never touched one in her life! He lied throughout the trial, along with several of my half brothers. (I'm sorry Julie, but one was your father. I've no doubt MRM Sr paid them to say many of the untruths they told.) There are a lot of things you are not aware of and it's probably best to leave it that way, but my mother was a sweet woman and did not deserve the 30 years of abuse she endured - no one does! If MRM Sr was a decent man, don't you think he would've had a relationship with any of his 5 children and numerous grandchildren?! He barely knew any of his grandchildren. I refrained from bringing my son around him because he was so awful. Norma Fay was lucky they divorced or she would have been the victim, not my mother.

  7. My name is Tracey Gibson. I am great granddaughter of Jesse Leath Munson and Bonita Faye Munson. Granddaughter of Lois Virginia Munson Moore Lathrop. Daughter of Carolyn Bernice Moore Pierce Pegoda.